Sunday, July 19th 2015, 5:00 PM EST

The site is down and I will not be bring it back up. By mid August, this message will no longer be available to read as the domain name is expiring. I apologize for the delay in putting together a formal announcement.

Many of you have expressed your love for STC over the years, and I thank you all for those comments.

For the sake of closure for everyone asking me why, there are many reasons: The site costs me money which I do not recover from ad sales. Nodejitsu was purchased by go-daddy and the database server I was using closed for business. The technology behind the site does not seem reliable, often producing errors which are beyond my technical ability to fix. There were security holes that came to my attention last month, and I have not had time to solve them in an expediant manor. Reddit's recently policy change to censor content (even though legal) because they disagree with the opinions expressed therein has turned me off to being a content provider for their system. My time has been extremely limited these past 2 years, with other projects taking priority over the one I'm having difficulty maintaining and monitizing. There are prehaps many other reasons, but hopefully this provides a clear enough picture for those interested.

Thank you all for your interest in this project. If you wish to contact me further, my username remains the same at If I ever find the time and if the stars align just right, I may decide to one day reopen the system under a new name. We'll see. As much trouble as it has been for me, I greatly enjoyed speaking with all of you.