Tutorial - Classic

The Classic version of Sexy Time Chat allows you to open your own private chatroom and invite other users to join it via a link. As of March 2013, we now offer a full registration version that allows others to find you via the site and to save friends you've met. Below is the tutorial for the Classic version of STC.

1 - Find the button below on the home page, and click it only after reading all the steps.

2 - Once you click 'Host a Room', you will be placed in a private chatroom. Copy the URL of that page and send it to a person you've met online in a community such as reddit so they may join you to chat. The URL should look similar to the image below:

3 - Enjoy! You will be notified if a guest joins or leaves the room. Room status will display as Unoccupied if you are in it alone, or Occupied if you have a guest. Rooms may contain no more than 2 users at a time. Hosts have the ability to banish users from their room if needed.

Tutorial - Using the Cam

Cam On - This will allow you to view your partners stream as well as allow you to publish a stream.
Stream On - This publishes a video stream for your partner to view.
Stream Off - This terminates your video stream. You will no longer be visible to your partner.
Cam Off - This stops you from viewing your partners stream.